Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is located just off of show center and is open both Saturday and Sunday of the air show from 10 am - 3 pm. To enter the Kids Zone, each child must have a wristband, which is $5 per day, cash only. Attractions inside of the Kids Zone includes the “Blue Angel Obstacle Course”, a 36-foot Turbo Shuttle Slide, an Extreme Air Power Jump, a STEM tent and face painting. Children must wear a wristband to enter and leave throughout the day. The Kids Zone will have free admittance on Friday’s practice show only.

NAS Jacksonville is proud to offer a STEM2 area at this year's air show!

NAS Jacksonville is proud to offer a STEM2 area at this year's air show!

What is STEM?

“STEM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. In Northeast Florida, STEM2 Hub recognizes the vital role medicine will play in future careers, so they have added a second M for Medicine, or STEM2. You may also see “STEM+C”, the C is for Computer Science, a critical underpinning in just about every industry and a high-demand career in itself.

Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub will be offering the following activities in the Kids Zone:

  • Exploring Careers in Space: Participants will learn about the emerging careers in aerospace and space. Participants will think about a problem on Earth that they could solve with access to space, or what it might be like to live and work in space. They will illustrate a postcard expressing their ideas. The postcards will be collected and flown on the New Shepard Rocket, stamped flown in space, and returned to the students.
  • Sensors Building: Participants will learn about sensors and how they are used in the world around them. Participants will build and test a simple sensor.  
  • Coding/Robots: Participants will have the opportunity to code and apply their learning to robotics. Participants will test their code by running it on a robot.
  • Circuit Building: Participants will build a simple circuit and light an LED bulb.